Margaret Atwood is currently my favourite author. I really enjoy her emotive, detailed, fluid writing style and find myself interested in her novels whatever the subject. I have read
‘Alias Grace’, ‘The Handmaiden’s Tale’ and am currently embroiled with ‘The Blind Assassin’.

‘Alias Grace’ was my gateway to Atwood as I generally sway towards historical fiction when choosing books. I read it a few years ago and mostly remember how powerful her descriptions were of landscapes and nature. I still have a very clear image of the main house and the female prison driveway described in her book. Also I remember many references to Peonies which in hind-sight seems to be a recurring theme in her novels.

‘The Handmaiden’s Tale’ was a very striking read. I borrowed it from my mum on holiday and had no idea of its awards or fame, which definitely improved the experience. I was utterly transfixed by this book and remember feeling physically uncomfortable, disgusted and anxious while reading it. The story had so much resonance with today’s society but also the ordeal of the main character was put across so expertly as to affect the reader completely. The novel was clearly written with deliberation and skill and I felt every sentence had been crafted but not overly contrived. I understand now why it is part of schools reading lists.

My first book review will be for ‘The Blind Assassin’…I haven’t thought about how to structure it yet. One of the main goals of this blog is to improve my writing style so perhaps I should research and structure my reviews, with guiding questions and topics to discuss. On the other hand an overly planned review will run the risk of being stale, boring and repetitive. Let’s wait and see!