Since my last post…

I have started many novels and finished none. Currently I am 1152 pages into War and Peace but after coming back from Wales (where I read most of the book) I have lost momentum. Also I think I know that I won’t be happy with the ending and I’m enjoying the ability to fantasise about the possibilities before accepting reality. I guess that is a funny way to approach fiction but once I have read the real ending I won’t be able to fully dream up alternatives without knowing they are impossible!
I haven’t been doing much reading recently… Back into bad habits of Netflix! Star trek, gossip girl, (finished) orange is the new black (awesome) and dipped into skins again briefly.
Things that I want to do that I probably won’t: write a short story, write and draw a comic for a friend, paint 5/6 panels showing the seasons on the river, sew a simple skirt, make an amazing dress to wear to a ball, paint a mural on the wall outside, knit gloves\hot water bottle warmers for Christmas, get super fit!
I read a friends blog yesterday and it made me remember this page. He only writes entries when he is low or something has happened and I think it is a kind of therapy for him. Maybe that is what I need and I guess using a forum like this you can kind of check on yourself.
I like having to simplify things and condense without modifying what you say to the person you are telling it to. Obviously I am making decisions based on the forum but I don’t imagine anyone I know reading this so hopefully what I write can be naturally more open and less contrived.

Feeling- buzzing but close to tears
Future- immediately boring and mundane
Looking forward to- rugby match
Love- trying to sever ties
Lust- a silly boy
Life- fleeting
Art- stressed jenny
Music- alt-j every other freckle



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